How do I use the Moog Subsequence 37?

moog mod 37Resources to use the Moog Sub 37 and the Moog Subsequence 37

This page is tips and resources for learning and getting the most out of the Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition Synthesizer and the Moog Subsequent 37.

“The Sub 37 Tribute Edition is a limited edition (2-note) paraphonic analog synthesizer built on the award winning Sub Phatty sound engine. Its panel features 40 knobs, 74 switches, and has a dedicated LCD display – placing each critical sound creation element and live performance tool quickly at your command.” – Source Moog Music

First the link to Moog Music about the Moog Mod 37

Moogs intro video on the Moog Mod 37

IMG_9607 mood mod 37Several “marketing’ explanation of the features the Mod 37 have. A good way to learn what it can do.

Articles explaining the Moog Sub 37 and Subsequent 37:

A Youtube based Moog Sub 37 Walkthrough – 4 Part by Starsky Carr

See all of Starsky Carr’s Youtube post related to Moog’s here:

A self-paced paid online class on the Moog Sub 37 (that I have taken). Explains all the main components and how they work.
(I have no affiliation with the company that offers this and do not receive compensation.)
Moog Sub 37 101 – Master the Moog

Another self-paced learn the Moog Sub 37 one that I listed in my post:
It is different from “Master the Moog” and goes more into sound creation.

Three Great Facebook Fan group for the Moog Sub 37 if you are willing to help others, learn and share:

Program Presets for the Moog Sub 37:

Moog Sub 37 Firmware

Video talking about the 2015 Firmware update:
Moog Sub37 New Firmware 1.1 Demo

Resources for learning about the Analogue Synthesizers:

Q&A – Question and Answers:

Q. How do I upgrade my Sub 37 to a Subsequent 37?
Moog Sub 37 Upgrade To Subsequent 37, post by

62002689_10156065897516993_2880653806880686080_nQ.  Explain “F.EG/PGM on MOD SOURCE”?
A. “Pitch Envelopes
I’ve worked on synths with obvious and dedicated pitch envelopes before. While the Subsequent features ADSRs for the filter and amplitude envelopes, it’s not immediately apparent how to control the pitch envelope. A crucial tool when fashioning an 808 style kick drum.
1) INIT patch.
2) Choose the ‘F.EG/PGM’ option on the modulation source switcher. (This deactivates the LFO and maps the modulation to use the filter envelope as a modulation source.)
3) Set a level for the ‘PITCH AMT’ pot to dial in the modulation depth
4) Set the ADSR for the filter envelope to sculpt the envelope for the pitch.”
[ From Andy Davis ]

From Moog:

Current Sub 37 owners who would like to update their synthesizer with the hardware revisions found in the newly released Subsequent 37 can now contact an Authorized Moog Service Center to upgrade their instrument.

The upgrade is offered in two configurations:

The Full Sub 37 Upgrade: $350 + shipping
Replaces Analog Board (Subsequent sound engine), Right-Panel Board (high-powered headphone amp) and Key-bed with those found in the Subsequent 37. User pays shipping one-way, Moog covers the return shipping.

Key-bed Only Update: $159 + shipping
Installs the Subsequent 37’s upgraded Key-bed for improved playability and swift action. User pays shipping one-way, Moog covers the return shipping.

All U.S. upgrades will be performed at the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC. To request a Sub 37 upgrade in the U.S., email For international upgrades, contact your regional Authorized Moog Service Center.

*Upgrade options cannot be split up beyond the two options listed. It will not be possible to add CV Outputs to the Sub 37. Prices listed are for service obtained in the U.S.–International pricing may vary.” – source email from Moog.

Q. What is a way to use my Sub 37 with my Minitaur?
A.  A way shared by Todd Harris:
  • Midi out from Sub37 to Minitaur.
  • Audio out from Minitaur to audio in of Sub37.
  • Audio out from Sub37 Pedal board (mono)
  • Pedal board to Motu Inteface (stereo).
  • Motu interface to studio monitors (stereo).
See Todd Harris’s video =  “Moog Sub 37 + Minitaur sound demo”:  

midiQ. How do I connect my Moog Minitaur to my Moog Sub 37? I am trying to also control my Minitaur with my Moog 37 using midi. When I turn on the Sub 37 with no volume up it controls the Minitaur as though the 37 is a Midi keyboard. If I chance anything like a default patch change the Minitaur midi light blinks but no sound come from it. Sometimes when I just turn it all on and increase the volume of the 37 they seem to work together.

A. Need to go into the MIDI settings “Wheel” ON, “Keyboard” ON and “Panel” OFF. “Go into the MIDI menu on the Sub 37, scroll down to Out Filters and set Wheels and Keys to On but Panel to Off.”  – See picture ->
Thanks to Craig Gordon and Justin Meddaugh for answering this question in the Moog Sub 37 Facebook group.

Did I miss anything? Suggestions to add and change? Add it in the comments below! 

moog mod 37 close up

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My own Article on how I recently fell in love with Moog and decided to get at Moog Sub 37

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