Songs that feature a Moog Synthesizer


Moog soundSongs that feature a Moog Synthesizer

Thanks to input from The Facebook, Moog Fan Club group:

The goal is to showcase well known songs and ones where you can clearly hear the Moog. (No significance to the order)

More from performers I have met online:

Photo from a talk give in 2018 by the President Michael Adamsof Moog Music LLC at NC State University. On one slide he shows one a number of songs featuring Moog Synthesizers.

I was re-inspired in the Moog after taking a tour of the company when in Asheville NC. See my article about them:

This is my Pinterest page were I add Moog Music links as well

Two videos on the history of Moog Music the Moog Synthesizer, showcasing a lot of the performers and songs using the Moog:

Please add suggestions or corrections in the comments below!

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